Practice Areas

Corporate and regulatory

We offer comprehensive advice to any company that wishes to become established in Chile and abroad, supporting its initiatives in obtaining new business, reviewing the company in terms of its constitution, development and management. We do this within the relevant regulatory, environmental, competition, contractual and legal frameworks.

Mergers and acquisitions

We support the purchase or sale of companies, mergers or acquisition of companies, taking all the necessary steps to give confidence to our customers in their operations.

Public Pocurement

We specialise in advising companies in all types of service and supply contracts with the State, supporting them in the participation of public or private tenders, direct contracting, as well as the performance and execution of said contracts, and in the resolution of disputes.


Mackenna, Cruzat y Compañía enjoy great success in the resolution of arbitration disputes, mainly due to the dedication of their lawyers and, in particular, the extensive experience of one of its members as arbitrator of the Cámara de Comercio de Santiago A.G.

Dispute Resolution

We offer a personalised and direct service in our handling of many types of cases, guiding our clients throughout the judicial process, with a comprehensive focus on the resolution of our clients’ disputes that may involve civil, commercial, administrative, competition, consumer, criminal, police local, labour law or portfolio management, among others.


We participate directly in the management and tax planning of companies and family heritages, also in their restructuring and reorganization.

Real Estate

We provide comprehensive advice to our clients in the development of real estate projects in all their phases, with a legal focus that ranges from real estate matters to corporate, urban and construction matters related to each project, financing, co-ownership, permits, regulatory review, among others. Due to the complexity of the sector, we also assist our clients in their relations with the authorities, as well as with architectural teams.

Competition & Antitrust

We provide comprehensive advice to any company wishing to shield itself against potential conflicts related to Competition Law violations and offenses, as well as in processes and procedures linked to DL 211. We assist in the information gathering for concentration operations and in defending companies in Competitive Matters. We support in the drafting of contracts with clauses aimed at safeguarding against potential anti-competitive sanctions, as well as in public procurement and tendering processes to protect Antitrust regulations.

Labor & Employment

Advice to companies on individual and collective labor law, including the review and preparation of the necessary and appropriate documentation for each company, adapting it to the current legislation.

We also represent our clients before the courts and administrative authorities in labor disputes.


We advise companies in the implementation of a Crime Prevention Model that operates effectively and efficiently, enabling the identification of risks, the establishment of specific controls, reporting methods, and penalties. We ensure constant compliance with Law No. 20,393 and its amendments. We construct and develop appropriate and sufficient policies and procedures to ensure that a company, its executives, employees, and affiliated agents as parties or suppliers comply, both internally and externally, with the applicable regulatory framework and ethical codes governing the entity’s good management in compliance matters.

Consumer Law

We provide comprehensive advice to all companies in matters of Consumer Law and Advertising, such as product safety, alerts, voluntary withdrawal of products, review of contracts, remote contracting, among others, in order to protect our clients in their operations.

Banking Law

We advise on the study and application of legal regulations in matters related to the regulation of the operation of banks and companies supporting the banking business. We also provide assistance in the negotiation process with the banking sector, private institutions and agents involved in commercial relations, and in the constant updating of cases related to banking law.

Financial Restructuring and Insolvency

We provide direct assistance to companies and people facing complex financial processes and represent them in reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings.

Natural Resources

We advise our clients on corporate, regulatory and administrative matters related to the use and exploitation of natural resources, including water, mining and renewable energies, representing them in administrative and judicial proceedings and advising them on a daily basis on compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to each industry related to the use of such resources.

Startups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We advise companies with growth potential, accompanying them in the early stages of their development and incorporation, helping them to promote and accelerate their growth in Chile, advising on corporate structuring, financing and capital raising, e-commerce, personal data processing, intellectual property, licensing, technology transfer, outsourcing, joint ventures and strategic alliances.